Abieyuwa is a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist and curator, who experiments with technology to explore the experience of being a Black woman in contemporary society. She works with a variety of applications and media including, but not limited to, photography, digital and analog video, and 3D modeling. She began minting NFTs in February of 2021. Her art has been showcased internationally in Art Dubai, the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show, Elevate Festival and more. In 2022, Abieyuwa curated the “Paradise” exhibition, an exhibition featuring 22 Black women in celebration of Women’s History month. The exhibition was showcased on the CNN International segment "Inside Africa'' and was held at imnnotArt Gallery in Chicago. She founded After Paradise, an art curation and events company with a focus in digital art. After Paradise partnered with USURPA Gallery in Johannesburg to put on a month-long Women’s Month event in August 2023, where 27 African women’s art were displayed along with workshops and panels. She participated in the fourth cohort of Vertical Crypto's Artist Residency and was selected as one of the twelve artists taking part of the Artist x Refraction Fellowship on Lens.​​​​​​​

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