Obhiaha 001 (minted & listed March 2021 for 3 ETH)

This is the first bride from a collection called “Obhiaha”, which is a series of bronze 3D models inspired by my paternal native tribe--the Edo/Esan people of Nigeria. Each bride is adorned with traditional coral beads that represent power, royalty, beauty, and wealth and also are believed to hold special powers. Each piece will feature a bride with unique facial features and different styles of the Eto-Okuku hairstyle. This collection was inspired by my research on pre-colonial Nigeria, tribal traditions, and artwork. Once purchased, the collector will be able to download a 4K video that plays a traditional Esan wedding song, recorded and sent to me by Isi Joy Odion, a woman currently living in Edo State. This work was created in hopes of educating people on the history of Nigeria. It emphasizes the fact that individual tribes lived in their own lands prior to British colonization. The song will be used in each piece to unify them as a collection and also as a unique identifier about the tribe I’m representing, because oftentimes we are lumped together as a monolith. The woman with whom I collaborated gave me this recording and did not ask for anything in return. As a thank you, I want to give her a percentage of any revenue and royalties earned from the sales of this collection. I hope to continue to collaborate with her and want to ensure she is properly compensated for her contributions. The sales of this collection would not only add amazing African artwork to collectors’ NFT collections, but it would greatly benefit the lives of two Black women, my collaborator, and myself.

Earlier versions of this piece were featured in UNT New Media’s Senior BFA Show (2020) and the upcoming WATBD x WNW Black Virtual Art Exhibition. The version the collector receives is reedited and re-rendered with higher quality. For personal display and use only.

sculpted using Blender.

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